Being a dietitian by profession, I, Seetha Mikhil have always been passionate about fashion. Designing apparels has always been my true found love ever since childhood. While making and designing, I tend to find an emotional attachment with every garment- concocting each one of them from paper stage. Every garment is exclusively designed, keeping the mind the attitude and the attributes of the person who will adorn it. From the making of the garment, inclusive of designing it on paper to fabric selection, every minute detail is careful crafty keeping in mind the exclusivity and the quality of the dress. Each of the garments, without exception, goes through a story at the end of which is a marvelous piece by itself. The collection is based on the contemporary style incorporating ethnic with a dash of the 21st century, making each of the outfit speak volumes on its own. Here at Mock Orange, exclusivity, quality and originality are the key characteristics which are not compromised under any circumstance and this is primarily what sets us apart.

As a child, I would watch Fashion TV rather than Cartoon Network; drape clothes and apply my mother’s make up in front of the mirror and would always assist my mother and my aunt on our shopping sprees. One of the most prominent memories of my childhood which my mother recollects like it was yesterday was when I tried designing my birthday dress as an eight year old, complete with a corset made with fabric and an elastic band. Watching me grow doing what I love, my father knew I was a budding designer and a fashion enthusiast.

Fate however, took me to a different place initially. After my marriage, my husband and I moved from Delhi to Bangalore to establish a business. Many such futile efforts did go in vain. One thing then lead to another and thus Mock Orange was born. Having said that, Mock orange was making my late father’s dream come true. My husband has been my greatest motivation to keep moving forward, to make my long lost dream into reality, supporting me through every thick and thin and always encouraging me to perform better.

Mock orange, a pellucid flower known for its rarity, delicacy and enchanting fragrance captured my heart when on a stroll with my husband on a serene evening. As a soul always close to nature, I have drawn my inspiration from it’s the pure and raw entity. Incorporating the vivid colours, tantalizing designs and the ravishing form of nature into fabric is our main motive at Mock Orange thereby delivering something new and fresh in each seasonal collection.

Established in 2012, we at Mock Orange ensure each customer is delivered with nothing but best. Over the years, we have grown and plan to scale the heights, thanks to the love and appreciation we receive from you. Come visit us and experience the journey here at Mock Orange.



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